Arrow Security & Training, LLC has extensive experience providing a variety of language and cultural services to more than 140 countries. We are confident no other provider can present the level of understanding, expertise and experience we have amassed over the years.fds


  • Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
  • Secretary of the Air Force/International Affairs (SAF/IA)
  • United States Central Command (USCENTCOM)\

Clients Reap the Rewards of Our Strategic Partnerships

We take pride in the well-established relationships we have with learning institutions and In-Country Partners (ICPs). These relationships are a result of supporting specific requirements for Language Area Study Immersion (LASI) and Regional Affairs Strategist Immersion (RASI) programs for over 20 years. These ICP remain our constant suppliers of crucial in-country services. This service is made possible by a network of more than 20 regionally oriented partners who have been vetted, continually evaluated and re-screened to ensure that they can provide the level of service that both AST and our customers require.


Because of our extensive network, AST can rapidly construct programs to meet emerging requirements in locations not previously utilized. We have proven program management processes and procedures in place to accommodate the 24/7 operational program requirements.6-30-2016 11-15-37 AM

Main areas of proven expertise include:

  • Worldwide Language and Cultural Immersion
    • Isolation and Regional Affairs Strategist Immersion (RASI)
  • Language and Cultural Instruction
  • Interpreters and Translators

Dedicated, Precision Management Services

We hand-selected members of our management team for their management expertise, immersion knowledge, and experience.  Our management team has solid communication skills with customers, vendors and students alike. Our Director of Operations (DO), has been involved with the LASI/RASI contract for over a decade; in administrative support, as a Program Manager (PM), a Senior Advisor and now as the DO. Our current PM has supported the LASI/RASI Program since 2011.

In addition to the standard day-to-day operational experience, this management team has successfully engaged in the evacuation of personnel due to medical, security and natural disasters working directly with the Embassy and the Regional Security Officer to ensure the safe and expeditious movement of personnel out of the affected area without issue. This management team is further supported by our Executive Advisory Committee whose members have more than 60 years of combined experience supporting SAF/IA and AFOSI, and the current LASI/RASI contract.  This makes our team the most knowledgeable in the industry, setting us decidedly apart from the competition.


AST  offers a wide range of training and instruction courses and programs, primarily in military subjects.

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