When disaster strikes, entire communities depend on the expertise and swift action by professionals who address emergency management. AST offers simulation training within demanding, real-world situations to prepare these professionals for a number of potential emergencies.

Positive Outcomes and Forward Thinking Make Our Simulation a Top Training Choice

AST is uniquely positioned to offer simulation software training. Our extensive experience is not only in conducting countless hours of simulation training with subject matter experts, but also in the positive outcomes and continual development of our software for strategic and technical best practices.


The Consequence Management Staff Trainer (CMST) is a web-based simulation for individual and collective training within demanding, real-world situations. It provides a consistent, nationwide platform to enable relationships, enhance collaboration, and create continuity of operations.

AST can customize the simulation and scenario content to address your training needs. AST staff will facilitate and observe the execution of the simulation, allowing participating individuals or teams to problem-solve and follow standard operating procedures. While observing, AST provides immediate feedback as well as an after-action report.

Here is a sampling of our most popular scenarios:CM Sim Briefing Gray

  • Natural Disasters
    • Earthquakes
    • Hurricanes
    • Tornadoes
    • Wildfires
    • Winter Storms
  • Manmade Disasters
    • Active Shooter
    • Civil Unrest (Riots)
    • Domestic Terrorist Attacks


Key features include:

  • Engaging, User-Friendly Design: Customizable settings and dashboards bring relevant and vital simulation information to the forefront.
  • Scalable: Utilizes the latest technology and geo-specific entries to easily accommodate hundreds of participants simultaneously in remote or multiple locations.
  • Compatible: Minimal internet requirements, no downloads and a deployable server.
  • Detailed Assessments: Directly complements the Joint Training System (JTS) with an automated performance analysis to gauge command readiness.
  • Communication: Designed for inter-agency participation in planning and executing collaborative training.



AST  offers a wide range of training and instruction courses and programs, primarily in military subjects.

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